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The Dalai Lama says that the purpose of life is to be happy.  Many view that this happiness comes with realizing our full capacity and with close connections to others.  At times, key relationships aid in our progress toward these goals.  For example, when our path gets sidetracked or tangled up, a therapeutic relationship characterized by respect, acceptance, genuineness and empathy can play an important role in getting us back on course.

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My Approach to Therapy

I have been practicing clinical and consulting psychology since 1977.  I am active and participatory in doing psychotherapy stressing interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral strategies.  I focus on the interplay between our internal world and our relations with others.  Still, I do not restrict myself to one approach.  I integrate a range of useful change strategies.  I view psychotherapy as both a change process and an interpersonal process.  Each person's experience is unique.

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