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My Practice

In my therapy general practice I treat individuals, couples, and families; mostly young and middle aged adults, some adolescents and elderly. I have a special interest in the eating disorders, relationship disturbances, depression, and stress. In my consulting practice I have experience with outpatient and inpatient consultation, evaluation, and testing. I am experienced in consulting to a multidisciplinary team and within a therapeutic community model.

Choosing the Therapist

In psychotherapy much depends upon the rapport between the psychologist and patient, so you should choose a therapist carefully. You must feel comfortable with the therapist and hopeful about the therapy. When you feel this way, therapy is more likely to be helpful to you. In the first few sessions I will learn about you and evaluate your needs. I will then give you my initial impressions and treatment plans. As this unfolds, you too will be deciding whether you feel hopeful working with me. 

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